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Women Communicating with Purpose

If you knew how to repair a broken relationship in your life, would you do it?

If you knew you had the power to diffuse a conflict, would it change how you approach challenging conversations?

If you knew you would be heard and understood when you spoke, would you share your thoughts more openly and confidently?

Let personal coach Nikki Buckelew show you the proven communication techniques that will transform your relationships, personally and professionally, and bring the power of positive results to every area of your life.


Nikki's ten segment tele-coaching course will provide you with the tools you need to:

  •       Identify your feelings and use them to create positive change
  •       Deepen your connection to your spouse, parents, siblings, and children
  •       Strengthen your relationships with your clients and colleagues
  •       Create constructive outcomes out of conflict
  •       Respond to people who "push your buttons" to leverage those interactions productively
  •       Share your feelings with the people you care for
  •       Express yourself when you are feeling hurt, angry, or frustrated
  •       Discover your inner wise woman and live your life with confidence

Begin your journey with our first call on Tuesday, February 8th at 5:30 pm CST.


The program continues with one call every Tuesday for 10 weeks from February 8th through April 12th. Every call will be facilitated by your group coach, Nikki Buckelew.


Experience ten empowering weeks of learning new communication skills and how to overcome relationship obstacles. Each week, you will participate in a segment precisely designed as part of a deliberate sequence of thought development.


Your ten week Communicate with Purpose course includes:


      Weekly one hour group call focused on a specific relationship topic.
      Daily guided journaling using a groundbreaking new on-line journaling tool.
      Feedback on your journal from Nikki, encouraging and challenging you to grow and change.
      Connections with other group members working toward a common goal.
      Participation in a community of women on the same journey that will support you well beyond the weeks of the course.


Register today and begin making courageous acts of change in your life and in your most treasured relationships!



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