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Welcome to the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth MMLG
Terri Babers (Terri in Fairbanks)
October 28th 2013

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
Learn Them, Live Them, and Reach Your Potential!

If personal growth and reaching your potential in life is important to you, then you are in the right place ..... with the right group to help you do just that!

The purpose of this MasterMind Learning Group is to help you learn and take action to grow with the support of like-minded people. The reality is that you cannot change your life until you intentionally change something you do every day. With the support of this group will take practical, intentional steps toward reaching your full potential and becoming the person you were created to be.

We will bring our minds together ~ everyone knows that two minds are better than one! and we'll have 8 to 10 minds! The learning focus will be on John C. Maxwell's 73rd book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. As in all his books, his wisdom and teaching are profound, yet offers simple, direct, and pratical steps to help you take your own success and potential to the the next level.

This learning group, like the book, is dedicated to helping you understand how personal growth works. You will learn how to grow in self-awareness and discover your purpose. Your growth journal is provided here as part of your course.

"Where do I get the book?" You may purchase the book at a local book store. It is possible that you'll have to order it from the book store or from but don't worry about getting behind in the reading! I'll be teaching the material on the call and you'll have a note-taking worksheet.

How the MasterMind Learning Group Works

Facilitated Telephone Conversations: We will meet 8 times on a weekly basis for 1 hour using a telephone conference line. The facilitated conversations about the reading and the assignments for that week will be recorded for each of us to review.

Reading Assignments and Worksheets
: Each week before the call you will receive worksheets to help guide your listening and notetaking during the teaching portion of the call. You can then read the material and choose which assignments (practical steps and reflections) you will apply to your life that week. Your first worksheet is attached to this assignment. Print it off so you have it for note taking during our call.

Reflective Growth Journal: The reflective journaling process will help you really get to know first yourself, and then your mastermind group. You will help each other grow and I, as the coach and facilitator will help you as well. Each week you'll receive a journaling prompt in your email inbox. Follow the link to the online journal where you will reflect on your own progress and receive support from your mastermind learning group.
  • "How often do I journal?" you might ask. You'll recieve only one prompt a week, but the idea is to reflect in your growth journal about that prompt every day. So each day return to this course in the Positive Changes Online Journal and continue to write about the application exercises. This is so important, and I want to encourage you to experience the power of reflective journaling so much that I am offering a refund of $50.00 to each of you who posts at least 4 times a week and comments on the posts of others in your mastermind group regularly.
  • "Comment on other people's posts? Does that mean they'll coment on mine!" YES! This is huge piece of the power of the mastermind learning group. Supporting each other in your growth. Getting to know each other well. We only have 1 hour each week for discussion, so the sharing of your journals will provide a deeper level of dialogue you'll come to appreciate.
  • There are several levels of sharing available. For most of your posts I encourage you to share with the entire group. The questions and observations, the feedback and resources they will be able to offer you are invaluable. You may also choose to share only with me, and you can keep the posts completely private depending on the level of privacy you feel that you need.

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